How Turtl Marketing uses personalization to build deeper customer relationships

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Personalization is your one-way ticket to customer stickiness – as businesses including Netflix and TikTok have found out.  So, how do you use Turtl to get personal with your marketing? 

In this webinar, Turtl’s Head of Demand Marketing, Kate Terry, and Campaign Marketing Manager, Jenny Howe, will guide you through using Turtl’s engine to join the age of personalization.

Discover how to use personalized content to deepen your business relationships, open the door to growth opportunities, and put your reader data to work. 

You’ll find out all about:

  • The two types of personalization and why they matter
  • Jumpstarting the personalization engine with Turtl data
  • How to scale ABM for account growth 
  • Examples of personalized content across the journey

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Your speakers

Kate Terry
Head of Demand

Jenny Howe
Campaign Marketing Manager