How to attract readers
to your Turtl content 😘

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So you’ve created something in Turtl, now what?

The creation of your content is just the beginning. What you do with it after you hit publish decides whether people will click through or not.

Join us for this on-demand webinar where we’ll take you through best practice for publishing and distributing your Turtl content. From how to whip your SEO into shape to choosing the right email formats, you’ll learn everything you need to give your content the audience it deserves.

Here’s a little taste of what we’ll be covering:

  • Turtl and SEO
  • Making changes to social cards
  • Website layouts that increase click-through rates
  • Choosing the right email formats
  • The best visuals for social media


Lucy is one of our longest-serving members of the CX team and most Turtl users will have crossed paths with her at some point. If anyone can teach you a thing or two about how to make your Turtl content a success, it’s Lucy.

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Your speakers

Lucy Woodbridge
Senior Customer Success Manager

Ella Stocker
Product Manager