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in Turtl Analytics

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Become a Turtl analytics master in 45 minutes

Whether you’re looking to improve content performance, identifying audience interests for future content, or pulling out customer insights to pass back to the business, being able to interpret your data is essential. 

Join us for our on demand webinar exploring the ins and outs of Turtl analytics. Suitable for data novices and wizards alike, there’s something in here for users of all levels.

Here’s a little taste of what we cover:

  • Interpreting buyer intent from reading behavior
  • Downloading raw data and what to do with it
  • Why you should always use labels
  • How UTM tags work in Turtl
  • Proving ROI directly from content


Brodie is part of our top-class customer experience team and a bit of an analytics superfan. He expertly walks you through our dashboard and shows you what’s possible when you’re armed with the right data.

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Your speakers

Brodie Smith
Customer Experience Executive

Ella Stocker
Customer Experience Operations Manager