The Immerse Awards

Launching September 23rd 2019

We’re extremely proud to service such a broad spectrum of talented and forward-thinking content creators, and we want to shine a joyous beam of light on the fantastic work you do with our tool. Who doesn’t love a bit of recognition?!

The categories

Best Content

Do you have an all-singing, all-dancing piece of turtilized content that will dazzle our judges? Have you nailed editorial layouts, brought data sets to life and nailed the fine art of polling? Do you structure the content of your Turtl docs as beautifully as you do the narratives within them?

To be in the running for The Best Content Award, submit your team’s finest example of work and tell us why you’re proud of it.

Most Innovative Use Case

Turtl is designed to transform any kind of multi-chapter content that might otherwise find itself stuck in a PDF. This usually means Turtl is used for research reports, white papers, sales proposals, trends reports, and the likes. But as people grow more comfortable with the tool, new and innovative ideas emerge for ways to use the format. 

Has your team gone beyond the usual content types to experiment with Turtl? Have you used the format in a niche context others may not have tried? Share your story to win.

Best Campaign

If your Turtl content has formed part of a successful integrated campaign then this category is for you! We want to know all about it; what were the objectives for the campaign, what did you create, how did you promote it and what were the results? We’re looking for stories of creativity and impact, as well as hard data. Don’t worry, we won’t publish any figures (unless you want us to).


Submissions open September 23rd and close October 18th, 2019.

We’ll send all customers a handy reminder when the awards open. Stay tuned!