Digital brochure software for the automotive industry

With car buyers doing more of their research online, companies in the automotive space are looking to transform their digital experiences to give customers that personalized wow factor. Turtl is just the ticket.

Automotive content on tablet and mobile, and a dahsboard of analytics on a laptop

Drive a personalized buyer experience

Use the power of highly visual and interactive digital brochures to generate 80x more leads and help car buyers fall in love with your cars – being honest, does your website make that easy? Turtl’s psychology-based digital format can be personalized to the individual, giving car buyers exactly what they need to take the next step in their journey.

Use insights to tailor communications

Turtl’s detailed reader analytics will help you to better understand what your buyers are interested in and how far along individuals are in the buyer journey. Use this insight to assess a buyer’s intent and tailor your follow-up based on their demonstrated behavior, giving prospects a more personalized brand experience.

Create and edit digital content with ease

You don’t need design or development skills to use Turtl. Our straightforward editing tools and custom branded themes make it easy for people across your business to produce, edit, and personalize documents in Turtl. One automotive agency reported a 2/3 cut in content production time—on top of saving on print costs, moving away from a print focused format like the PDF unlocks rapid production, instant updates, and 10x increased engagement.

Motivate your retail network

Provide car dealers with everything they need to engage and inform buyers. As Turtl Docs live in the cloud, you can instantly update new model launch guides, quarterly campaign guides, and other content so your dealers are always up to date with the latest HQ initiatives and offers.

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Newsletter example from Lookers

Newsletter example from Lookers

Explore this BMW update to see the format in action, with video, CTAs and polls


Lexus + Turtl case study

Lexus + Turtl case study

Discover more about how Turtl helped Lexus reach 80x car configurator CTA


Every piece of content sent out in PDF format rather than Turtl is causing you to miss out on 90% engagement. 

The Turtl format applies the psychology of how we read and retain information to give your audience the best possible experience of your content. 

Use Turtl across the business


Drive higher engagement and more leads through premium interactive content created in-house, and take a data-driven approach to your content and communications.


Track how prospective buyers read your brochures, simplify the production of sales collateral, and create centralized, live-updated communications for dealers.

Internal Comms

Improve staff engagement with dynamic handbooks, newsletters, and magazines, and see which employees are most (and least) engaged with your company’s culture and success.


Make your company’s vacancies stand out to attract top talent, nurture candidate enthusiasm and monitor engagement during notice periods to spot potential drop outs.

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