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Content operations are quickly becoming a priority for the most successful companies in the world. Learn how to drive growth by applying best practice to your content operations.

Level up your expertise in this strategic function with our free 4-week course. You’ll get daily, actionable emails that bring together learnings and new ideas from content experts and the world’s most successful companies. Learn how to:

  • Review and resource your operations and assets
  • Establish effective priorities and ways of working
  • Create multi-purpose and modular content
  • Improve and prove the value of your content
You'll love<br> this course if...

You'll love
this course if...

1. You are a little bit obsessed with content and always looking for new ways to learn, improve your skills, and showcase the true value of content to your business.

2. You are interested in how content fits into the bigger picture of your organization, from budgeting and resourcing to optimizing your tech stack and establishing effective processes.

3. You are constantly looking for new ideas to improve your content strategy. Ultimately, you want to demonstrate the value of marketing content and find ways to scale your impact.


What to expect from this course

Week 1

Review and resource your operations and assets

Get familiar with the basics of content operations and how to plan out your budgets, processes, tech stack, and resources.

Week 2

Establish effective priorities and new ways of working

Understand how to prioritize time and resources, operationalize an in-house content team, and establish content governance.

Week 3

Create multi-purpose and modular content

Make your content work harder. Learn all about content that allows you and your team to produce the right content without wasting time.

Week 4

Improve and prove the value of content

Learn which metrics move the needle and how to use them to optimize your content, find the gaps, and get buy-in from the business to scale your impact.

Who is this course for?

If you work in content operations, or have a similar role within marketing or sales enablement, this course will be a source of fresh insight and ideas about how to evaluate and improve your everyday processes.

It’s easy to get stuck in certain ways of working, especially when faced with the demands and constraints of numerous stakeholders, resource and budget cuts, and moving goalposts.

Take away the knowledge you need to ensure your team is prepared, responsive, and delivering high-value content that will make your business take notice.

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