30 days to
unforgettable content

Level up your marketing content with this email-based course

A lesson a day for 30 days

You’ll get daily insights from planning your content to reporting on its impact, with a healthy sprinkling of cognitive marketing tips that you can apply right away, including how to:

  • Plan and establish agile content processes
  • Write irresistible words
  • Design for persuasion
  • Use behavioral science to make content impossible to ignore
  • Act on content data insights
  • Report with confidence using data storytelling
You'll love<br> this course if...

You'll love
this course if...


1. You’re a forward-thinking marketer with a growth mindset, and you care about creating content that gets read, not just published.

2. You are interested in psychology and cognition, and how marketers can be smart about using the way our brains work to connect and share ideas with impact.

3. You are constantly looking for new ideas to improve your content, from planning to writing and design, and use content data to generate useful insights. Ultimately, you want to prove the value of marketing content to the rest of your business.



What to expect from this course

Week 1

Smart planning & strategy

Learn how to apply psychology to idea generation, establish agile processes, pick the right format and align with your audience.

Week 2

Writing with conviction

Understand the reading brain in action, why emotions matter, and how to use psychology to improve your writing and headlines.

Week 3

Designing for the brain

Learn how to use white space effectively, apply patterns to persuade, and include the right elements to turn your content into a two way connection.

Week 4

Promoting with impact

From campaigns and lead generation to leveraging behavioral psychology, get tips to maximize the reach and impact of your content.

Week 5

Improve content with data

Learn which metrics really matter and how to use them to optimize your content, find the gaps, and plan for what is next.

Week 6

Reporting to the business

Learn to tell a compelling story with content data and impress sales, finance, and the rest of the company with the right insight.

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