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Step aside PDF: your time is up

Nick Mason, founder and CEO of Turtl, explains why it’s time to say goodbye to the PDF once and for all.

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Kill the PDF: Turtl explains why it’s time to update or lose the format

Turtl's founder Nick Mason explains why it's time for marketers to kill the PDF

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How a culture focused on aftercare drives iterative improvement at Turtl

Karla Rivershaw, head of marketing at Turtl answers questions on the CX strategy.

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Why it's time to kill the PDF

Nick Mason, founder and chief executive of Turtl, explains why it’s time to finally ditch the downloads.

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The Role of Emotion in B2B Decision Making

Nick Mason, CEO and Founder of Turtl, led a masterclass at the CMO Inspired conference.

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Marketing psychology

How real-world techniques can drive digital engagement.

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