Content platform FAQ

Get answers to the most common questions about Turtl

Do you have a question about our content marketing platform?

Answers to the most common questions are below, but if you can’t find what you’re looking for, just get in touch with us and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Content creation

  • What type of content can I create with Turtl?
    Turtl is a very versatile content marketing platform that enables you to create interactive content for presentations, blog posts, internal communications, brochures, ebooks and more.
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  • How many stories can I create?
    As many as you want! All our licencing solutions give you complete freedom, all you need is some content inspiration.

  • What content assets can I include in my stories?
    In order to provide a fully interactive and engaging experience for readers, we offer a full range of features including videos, polls, maps, quotes, images, charts….and the list keeps growing thanks to ongoing development.
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  • Can I create my own templates?
    As part of your package our super skilled developers and designers will build a fully custom template using your own brand guidelines, no need for you to do anything.

  • Do I need design or technical skills to use Turtl?
    Absolutely not, our content platform is meant to be as user-friendly as possible for all marketers and content creators. As long as you can type, copy/paste, click and drag and drop, you’ll be fine!
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Content publishing & sharing

  • Where can I publish my content?
    Email, social media, website, whatever the device or marketing channel you choose, your content in Turtl will always provide a unique and engaging user experience.
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  • Can I use stories on my existing website?
    Yes you can. We offer several options to add stories to existing pages including, static and animated images, a lightbox feature and even a full embed option for a seamless integration, all without heavy coding.
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  • Will my content work on mobile?
    It more than certainly will. All the Turtl stories are fully responsive and will display perfectly on desktop, tablet and mobile devices ensuring a consistent reader experience.

  • Which social channels do you support?
    Our content marketing platform natively supports the main social media channels including Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Google+. This enables your readers to easily share our content.
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Content analytics

  • Can I export my analytics data?
    Indeed you can, just click on the “Download as .xls” button in your story analytics and there you go, you can now play around with your content data in Excel. CSV and pdf downloads are also coming soon.

  • Is the analytics data real time?
    You bet it is, all your Turtl stories include live reader data so that you can refine your content on the fly for maximum performance.
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Platform integrations

  • Can I integrate Turtl with my CRM and marketing automation platform?
    As marketers ourselves we realise how important it is to ensure all your marketing tools talk to each other, so we offer flexible integrations options with Marketo, Eloqua, Pardot, Hubspot or any of the other major marketing automation platforms.
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Pricing, setup and more

  • How much does it cost?
    We know that every marketing team is different, so we tailor our solutions and pricing based on your specific content challenges.
    We also often partner with large enterprise agencies.
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  • Do I need to install software?
    Turtl is cloud-based so there is no need for you to install software. Access your stories and create content anytime, anywhere.

  • I work for an SME, can I use Turtl?
    At the moment our content marketing platform is only available for large enterprises, but we should have an SME version in the future. Register your interest and we’ll keep you posted.