Improve and demonstrate marketing ROI with interactive content

Forrester Opportunity Snapshot

Forrester Opportunity Snapshot

New research highlights strategies to boost marketing’s profile and accelerate business success

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B2B marketers are feeling the pressure.

Effective marketers should communicate with personality and personalization. Generate and grow valuable leads for sales teams. Meanwhile, clearly prove ROI of their content and demonstrate direct business value.

Sound familiar – and stress inducing? You’re not alone.

94% of B2B firms, according to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Turtl, struggle to generate insights from their marketing content. And although most marketers believe they are central to driving business, not as many sales leaders agree.

To address these challenges, Forrester Consulting conducted a survey of leaders in B2B marketing and sales, exploring issues such as the perception of marketing teams within the business, the value of marketing content as seen by sales teams, and the availability of useful insight into buyer behavior.

In this study, the research reveals how marketing teams can overcome these challenges, gaining valuable buyer behavior insights and ensuring marketing is seen as a key business driver.

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The study uncovers:

  • Perception of marketing value in B2B firms
  • Insights sales leaders are missing from their marketing colleagues
  • Gaps between marketing and sales priorities
  • Challenges to delivering valuable buyer insights
  • Strategies to accelerate sales success and boost marketing’s profile
  • How implementing a content marketing platform over-delivers business value

1. Interactive Content Experiences Help Marketers Better Understand Buyers, Cultivate Leads, And Close Deals, an October 2019 Turtl-commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting


of B2B firms struggle with generating insights from marketing-created content and experiences


of companies lose feedback and insights during content delivery


Sales departments are 21% less likely than marketers to say that marketing is a key driver of business growth


of companies which have implemented interactive content marketing have seen improved lead generation

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