Turtl for interactive
sales proposals

Inspire your audience to take action with stand out sales proposals

Stand out from the crowd, position your USP, and differentiate your organization from the competition with a digital format that demands to be read. With Turtl, users can easily create personalized, on brand sales proposals while reducing production time and costs by up to 90%. Plus, with in-built analytics, your team can gather actionable insights and use key intent data to inform next steps, aid sales prioritization, and close more business.



  • Present your information in a format that increases engagement by 10x and allows readers to navigate to the most relevant and informative sections with ease
  • Empower your team to create high-quality, professional proposals, regardless of design experience, while upholding brand integrity
  • Reduce production timescales by up to 90%, so your team can invest more time in building relationships and demonstrating the value of your organization’s solutions
Creation Studio


  • Easily update sales proposals in real-time to avoid erroneous or out of date content
  • Quickly and easily personalize Turtl Docs with a simple form to create on-brand sales proposals that speak specifically to prospects’ pain points, interests, and requirements
  • Responsive to all device types to accommodate your prospect’s preferred way to review your proposal
Publishing & distribution


  • Use Turtl’s engagement analytics to demonstrate your understanding of your prospect’s challenges, interests, and needs, and to promote advocacy
  • Monitor engagement levels to identify key intent signals, improve sales prioritization, and close more business
  • Review insights to refine sales proposal templates by doing more of what works to drive better business outcomes
Analytics dashboard

Check out this sales proposal template created by Turtl

We can’t show you sales proposal designs created by our amazing customers, but here’s an example template we put together for you!

5 ways Turtl can transform your sales proposals

Create and share powerful proposals to inspire your prospects to take action:

Increase reader engagement by up to 10x
Make sure your prospects are well-informed and clear about the value your organization brings to the table in a format that is brain-friendly and scientifically proven to maximize reader engagement.
Produce proposals 90% faster, no design skills needed
Create master versions of sleek proposal templates that can be easily customized by your sales team to speak to your prospect’s requirements, while maintaining brand integrity.
Personalize at scale with ease
Publish and personalize your sales proposals in a matter of clicks. Users simply complete a form to create on-brand sales proposals that speak specifically to prospects’ pain points, interests, and requirements.
Say goodbye to erroneous or outdated proposals
You no longer need to fret about erroneous or out of date versions of your sales proposals. Turtl Docs live on URLs which means any changes to your content are pushed live as soon as you click ‘Publish’.
Close more business with actionable insights
Monitor how each personalized document is being read and interacted with to identify key intent signals from engaged prospects. You’ll also be able to see the aggregate engagement data of your sales proposal templates to help you improve the content over time and close more business!

How Turtl has delivered value for
sales teams

Informa Markets + Turtl

Informa Markets + Turtl

How Informa Markets reduced the production timescales of sales proposals by 90% and saved $138,000 annually

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Willis Towers Watson + Turtl

Willis Towers Watson + Turtl

How Willis Towers Watson produced a record level of sales opportunities and identified untapped geographical regions

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Turtl’s top features for
digital sales proposals

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more meetings booked
Turtl vs PDF

Telenet + LeadFabric + Turtl


reduction in production times
Turtl vs PowerPoint

Informa Markets


hours saved per person, per year
Turtl vs PowerPoint

Informa Markets
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