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Choosing a content creation platform

You’re looking for a content creation platform and we know making the right choice can be difficult. To make that process easier, we’ll walk you through the 4 key questions you should consider when evaluating Turtl.

1. What type of content are you looking to publish?

Given the plethora of content creation tools on the market, the first step is to decide what type of content you’re looking to produce. Turtl is focused on long form content, often the most valuable (and shared) content format – think guides, research, white papers etc.

Turtl is designed for publishing this content as a document, whereas most other platforms simply create scrolling website pages that aren’t optimized for reading in-depth information.

Document format based on psychological research, proven to increase reader attentionYesNo
Structured and persistent document navigationYesNo
Keeps readers interested with visuals, avoiding long scrolling web pagesYesNo

2. What outcome are you looking to achieve?

With any software purchase, you need to be clear about its purpose and the benefits of implementing the software. Our customers tell us they buy Turtl for three main reasons: to increase reader engagement with their content; to make content production more efficient; and to understand who is reading their content.

Scientifically proven to achieve up to 10x more reader engagementYesNo
Reduce the cost of content production by up to 90%YesNo
Detailed analytics so business users can understand the ROI of their contentYesNo

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3. Who are the intended users of the software?

Software adoption is a common challenge facing businesses, so define the intended user base from the outset. Whilst other content creation platforms are primarily used by designers, Turtl is built for the everyday content creator. Turtl is easy to use and gives non-designers the ability to produce stunning digital documents whilst also meeting brand guidelines.

Simple, streamlined design tools that any business professional can useYesNo
Templated designs to ensure brand consistency across multiple teamsYesNo
Capabilities allowing business users to personalize documents easilyYesNo

4. What is the total cost of ownership for the software?

It’s important to factor in all the costs involved with buying software so you can calculate your return on investment. Costs that are often overlooked include the training, support and ongoing product management. 

Outstanding customer success and support teamYesNo
Structured onboarding process with defined success criteriaYesNo


What our customers say about Turtl support

The training element was so impressive we are looking at our own customer training to align it closer to the way that Turtl rolled it out to us.

Russell Webb

I like the constant development and innovation of the platform. Customer service is second to none - Very responsive, very friendly and very helpful.

Jason Williams

Whenever we have even the slightest issue, someone from the customer success team is on hand right away.

Davide Gaeta BNP Paribas Real Estate UK

Get inspired

Our competitors will say that Turtl doesn’t offer enough flexibility to be creative – that may be a good marketing angle, but (happily) it isn’t remotely true. Get inspired with these impressive customer examples, showing the flexibility and interactive features of Turtl Docs.

  • Optimized for distribution

    Optimized for distribution

    Turtl Docs are mobile responsive, website embeddable, and can be sent by email. They also include SEO features and social cards.

  • Tech stack integration

    Tech stack integration

    Turtl integrates with all major CRM and marketing automation platforms for tracking engagement, and personalization.

  • Outstanding support

    Outstanding support

    Receive the training, support and ongoing product management you need to maximize the return on your investment in Turtl.



Turtl customers report up to 90% production cost savings


A publisher gained an increase of 30% in subscriptions


An insurance group saw readership increase by 350%