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Best workplace equals stunning colleagues. We’re focused on providing the right conditions for high performers who relish freedom and can handle the responsibility that goes with this. We all love what we do and no one needs to be told what to do or when to take a holiday.

Mark Sallows
Founder & CEO
My experience was gained leading transformational change for BAA, Land Securities and 3i. Later, whilst working as a non-executive, I conceived 'Web Lego' at University of Oxford MSD. I am fascinated by the interplay between science and art that creates great performance design.
Kathryn Norris
Head of Marketing
Studying history proved perfect preparation for working in advertising, marketing and brand roles, first at Publicis and then Unilever. I passionately believe the best work comes from teams where people spark intellectually, creatively and deliver, which is true for Turtl.
Nick Mason
Founder & CTO
I've designed and crafted apps, websites and products for almost a decade with clients including LexisNexis, The University of Oxford and The Royal College of GPs. I love a tricky challenge and enjoy pushing the limits of what's possible on the web in pursuit of a top-notch user experience.
Hayley Critchley
Account Director
I began my career at the PayPoint, in roles with customer service at the heart. My sole aim is to help our customers get the best out of Turtl and make a positive impact within their business with my support.
Ben McGill
Business Development Director
I have an enormous passion for growing small businesses and I am focused on customers and their requirements. My career began in the UK with the launch of Deutsche Bank owned PayBox. Then prior to Turtl, I held senior commercial roles within the online and mobile division of PayPoint.
Mark Astbury
Prior to Turtl I was a sales director at PayPoint helping build the business from a £20m private company to a FTSE 250 plc with a market cap in excess of £600m. My experience runs across multiple sectors, in particular financial services, utilities, telecoms, outsourcing and retail.
Alex Eliya
Account Director
My background in the arts and digital advertising contributes to my interest in building a product that helps brands to express themselves in a creative, smart and easy way.
Rod Petrovic
Head of Software
I like to write less code that does more and to develop products that seem almost trivial but have a huge impact. I also like to work with people I can enjoy Mondays with. From that perspective, joining Nick, Mark and the other Turtls was an easy choice.
Nicola Veasey
Account Manager
I work with Hayley to support our customers and help push the limits with what they can achieve with Turtl.
Andrei Gabriel Serdeliuc
Head of Operations
I’m an all-round problem solver, I can communicate well with people and computer systems, but I prefer people!
Cathy Sallows
Content Editor
I have a background in visual and written communication and a career spent in advertising and media. At Turtl I help create and edit Turtl stories as well as advising our customers how to get the best out of our tools.
Robert Sedovsek
Senior Developer
I fancy the passage where art and technology intertwine – as when a craftsman combines hundreds of pieces to design a watch. And that is what I believe we do – we transform bits of code into something that is both beautiful and pleasant to use.
Vuk Milicic
Senior Developer
I love challenges that require using both sides of brain. I enjoy making tools that help people express themselves in creative and unexpected ways.
Kalle Aaltonen
Senior Developer
I love working with big data, as well as bespoke crafted small data. My interest is transforming data into actionable information.

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