Immerse Awards Terms & Conditions

Entry Conditions

  1. By entering these awards, you give Turtl the right to publish/exhibit screen
    grabs and/or submitted report. If you wish to submit a modified /less
    commercially sensitive version for publishing purposes, please do so on the
    entry form.
  2. All submissions must be made online. Once entries are submitted, they will go
    forward for judging.
  3. Participation in these awards is for Turtl customers only.
  4. There is no cost associated with entering the Immerse Awards 2019.
  5. Entry deadline is 18th October 2019. Submissions made after this date will not
    be accepted.
  6. The shortlist will be announced on 28th October.
  7. All entries must be supplied and conform to rules/submission formats.
  8. All entries submitted must be legal. Any entries containing offensive material
    will be disqualified.
  9. Entrants are eligible to enter more than one category, however a separate
    online entry submission must be completed for each category and entry. Each
    entry must be tailored to meet the requirements for each specific category.
  10. Entrants must make sure all personal details are entered accurately. Including
    contact details, as this will be used in the Awards presentation if they are
    selected as a finalist.
  11. The maximum word limit per entry submission is 1,000 words.
  12. Turtl staff and judges of the Immerse Awards will review entries. If entry
    submissions contain sensitive or confidential information, the entrant must
    clearly state this within their entry.
  13. By entering the Immerse Awards, you confirm that you have the authority to
    enter on behalf of your organisation and your entry does not contain any
    material belonging to any person other than yourself unless you have the
    owner’s prior consent.
  14. Turtl reserves the right to not award categories should entries received not
    reach the required standard.
  15. By entering the Immerse Awards, you agree to your entry being promoted by
    Turtl and to participating in any relevant PR or promotional activities arranged
    by Turtl with no recompense.
  16. Turtl has no responsibility or liability to the entrants except as detailed in these
    terms and conditions.
  17. Under no circumstances shall there be any form of communication between
    the judges of the Immerse Awards and the entrants.
  18. Judges’ decisions are final and Turtl will have the final decision in resolving
    any disputes.
  19. Feedback on entries is at the discretion of the judges and will be
    communicated via the Turtl awards team.