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Performance Creation Reporting
Animated emails
Send animated emails to attract readers into your Stories and achieve up to five times higher click-through rates compared to a text link alone.
Social teasers
Automatically display a title, description and cover image for your Stories whenever they are shared on social media. Twitter and Facebook’s own research shows that this increases click-through by up to seven times.
Website teasers
Draw readers into your Stories with our easy-to-use animated website teasers. Just copy and paste the code snippet into your CMS or website template and you’re done.
Animated cover pages
Grab your readers’ attention, right from your cover page, with eye-catching animation that guides them into your content.
Surf & Immerse
Turtl’s unique Surf & Immerse reading experience taps into the way your readers naturally read, helping them discover relevant content quickly and then slow down to engage more meaningfully with you and your brand.
Engagement tools
Add video, social polls and sharable soundbites to your Stories to get conversations started with your readers. The feedback this provides enables you to understand your customers better and personalise future content too.
Lead capture
Ask your readers for their contact details at the optimum point in their content experience to build your database of leads. Turtl’s lead capture system is three times more likely to generate leads than the other methods currently available.
On all devices
Perfect content display on smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and projector. Turtl flows content automatically to a comfortable layout and size across all the major browsers. This increases your reach by 30 to 40 percent over legacy PDF based tools.
Intuitive edit tools
No need for training, design skills or technical ability - just load in your existing assets or create new content within Turtl to create your first Story in minutes. Adding video and other interactive elements is as simple as a couple of clicks.
Brand lockdown
Reflect the true nature of your brand including your logo, fonts, colours, graphic devices and layouts. All locked down to make it impossible for anyone to stray off brand. And this allows other teams like sales and HR to create and share their own content.
Engagement tools
Add video, enlargeable images and diagrams, social polls and soundbites in just a couple of clicks. It is as easy as copy and pasting a url and pressing the done button, because Turtl looks after the rest.
Author permissions
Decide who in your team can issue user permissions, who can author content, who can amend text, and who can simply send Stories and view analytics. Turtl’s roles and permissions system makes it easy to control who has access to what.
Auto-generated promotional tools
Social teasers, animated emails and website embeds are generated automatically so you’re always ready to share your content across all of the digital channels.
Royalty free images
Turtl provides access to over 90 million commercial-use Creative Commons images, which can be added to your Stories free of charge. Turtl takes care of copyright and attribution so you can focus on selecting the perfect image.
Headline statistics
Get a quick overview of your top-line stats at a glance. This includes total reads, number of unique readers, average read time, leads generated and number of social shares.
Page performance
See how each page of your content performs in real-time. This allows you to make changes to boost your performance whilst your Story is live. The changes you make will auto-update your Story everywhere.
Engagement metrics
Review video views, social poll answers, soundbite shares and other customer feedback data to better understand your customers and their reading behaviour.
Lead report
Review the customer prospects captured in your Stories via the lead generation feature and end page sign-up mechanism.
Individual customer analytics
Explore the reading journey of each user to understand which Surf sections were most interesting to them, which social polls they answered and what they shared with whom. This will provide you with a window of intelligence for your colleagues in sales.
Marketing automation integration
Integrate Turtl with Marketo, Eloqua or any of the other major marketing automation platforms. Integration with marketing automation will also allow you to auto-populate customer profiles and personalise future Stories.

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