From average read times to engagement levels and conversions, get all the insights you need to optimise your content even further and refine your content marketing strategy.

Headline statistics

Get a quick overview of top-line metrics – from total reads, unique readers, average read time, leads generated and number of social shares to sources and geolocation.


content metrics
Real time content measurement

Page performance

See how each page of your content performs in real-time. This allows you to make changes to boost your performance whenever you need.

Engagement metrics

Review video views, social poll answers, quote shares and other customer feedback data to better understand your audience and their reading behaviour.

reader engagement metrics
content lead generation

Lead report

Review the customer prospects captured in your stories via the lead generation feature and end page sign-up mechanism.

Individual customer analytics

Explore the reading journey of each user to understand which Surf sections were most interesting to them, which social polls they answered and what they shared with whom. This will provide you with a window of intelligence for your colleagues in sales.

reader analytics

Comparative Performance

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