Audience intelligence

Know your readers like your closest friends and start providing better content.

Your readers are trying to tell you something

Your readers are trying to tell you something

Each time someone reads your content they’re sending you a powerful message. Which sections they read, which parts they skip, how long they read for, the actions they take – and more – all tell the story of how your content is really performing. Listening to this story is crucial if we want to serve our readers better.

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The secret life of readers

The secret life of readers

Vanity metrics such as clickthrough rates, open rates and download counts tell us plenty about how content is being accessed – but nothing about how it’s actually being read. Without deeper insights, content lives a secret double life with its readers, and authors are completely unable to see what’s really going on.

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Listen first, speak last

Listen first, speak last

Turtl’s powerful analytics software delivers concise, insightful stories about how your content is performing. See which parts are attracting interest, which are generating interaction, where leads are coming from and much, much more. For the first time you can get a deep understanding of your readers and use this to power better content decisions in future – it’s as close as you can get to peering over your readers’ shoulders as they read.

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Shine a light on ROI

Shine a light on ROI

With Turtl’s content metrics at your fingertips, it’s far easier to demonstrate the true value of your content and invest in future campaigns with confidence. Turtl’s metrics are so granular that you can not only see which themes and messaging are working, but also which types of infographic, video, imagery and audio are really making an impact, allowing you to better focus your creative resources.

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of marketers struggle to demonstrate the effectiveness of their campaigns


of content marketers rate their ability to prove ROI from their content as “positive”


of content marketers see measuring content effectiveness as a key challenge

Content intelligence software to fuel continual improvement

Meaningful metrics
Move beyond vanity metrics and start seeing how readers are really consuming your content.

Individual reader analytics
Integrate with your CRM system to see how individual readers have consumed your content.

Analytics to your inbox
Keep tabs on performance with regular analytics overviews sent straight to your inbox.

Real-time optimisation
Turtl’s analytics are delivered in real time so you can tweak live content to get the best results.

Page-level insights
See how each page of content performed, from dwell times to conversion rates to interactions.

Easy data export
Download raw analytics data in Excel format to build custom reports with ease.

Flexible filtering
Filter data by source, device type, utm tags, location and more to get exactly the insights you need.

Data integrations
Send analytics event to your central data store to track performance alongside your other marketing activities.

Interaction reports
Learn which infographics, videos, images and audio clips are driving engagement and which are being ignored.

Turtl allowed for unprecedented campaign optimisation and efficiency. Real time analytics and edit features allowed The Economist to encourage specific user actions with ease

Jack Lahart
Content specialist

Data-driven insights are at the heart of Ebiquity’s business. Turtl enables teams to deliver engaging, user-focused marketing - aiding better understanding of reader behaviour

Bill Shephard
International Brand Manager

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