As a senior marketer, you’ll be used to tackling a raft of challenges; you probably thrive on it. The B2B customer journey is a complex beast at the best of times, and when you add a SaaS-y audience into the mix it becomes even more convoluted. If regular B2B demand gen were a movie it would be a soothing girl-gets-boy romcom. In B2B Saas demand generation’s case, it would be Inception.

While the obstacles to creating a winning SaaS demand generation strategy are high, nailing it means you stand a chance at being the Christopher Nolan of the marketing world. This article explores the strategies, channels, and approaches that will help drive interest in your business and your products. We’ll reveal which demand gen frameworks and content will help grow your audience sustainably and how to get your SEO and PPC ducks in a row.
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Why is demand generation so important for SaaS companies

Creating a SaaS demand gen framework

SEO for SaaS companies

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