Let’s look at how to fix some common B2B account-based marketing problems. While we’re here, we’ll show how B2B account-based marketing can improve your overall business performance.

Growing revenue in B2B is a long-term commitment. The world now operates on a preferred inbound content motion, where teams focus on serving prospects and leads the best content and brand experiences possible.

This is not as easy as it sounds. But, an ABM strategy helps you swing past obstacles to growth.

Problem: Creating enough content for each account

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Problem: ABM personalization at scale

Turtl empowers customers to drive their reader engagement to the next level with tailored content to the target audience. Personalization can be easily set up to drive ABM at scale, creating custom material from user selections, file upload or even automatically driven from a CRM /marketing automation tool to provide the full streamlined experience

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Problem: Poor visibility over accounts

Problem: Spending time on the wrong accounts

Biggest B2B ABM blocker - unblocked

How to scale deep personalization

Automate personalization in Turtl in four steps

Turtl’s Personalization Engine simplifies content personalization at scale by enabling quick and easy configuration of interactive, modular content – all without requiring design or coding skills. The teams sharing the content can then effortlessly personalize it in seconds, without having to worry about creating or editing the central documents

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Scaling personalized content in Turtl

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