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The time for change is now

Why the Financial sector needs to Kill The PDF

Why the Financial sector needs to Kill The PDF

Its essential you move from intuitive to insights-driven marketing in the digital world

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Financial content marketers are feeling the pressure.

Many marketers in the financial sector are still struggling to create content experiences centred around the needs and interests of their customers.

With content typically being produced using the outdated PDF format, how can finance marketers understand what’s relevant and what’s working?

The answer is we can’t.

How many people actually read (not just downloaded) your latest PDF? Which parts did they spend the most time reading? Did they share it with anyone? Where did they drop off? The answers to these kinds of questions reveal far more about your buyer and how to better nurture them than download rates and demographics.

Digital-first alternatives to the PDF allow you to track reader engagement in detail, measure and improve ROI, and connect marketing activity to the bottom line.

The time for change is now.

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