How Microsoft can lead the way with agile and effective digital content

Set the modern marketing standard

Equip marketing and buyer facing teams to scale growth opportunities in competitive markets with engaging, tailored content and actionable performance and behavioral insight.

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7x engagement

7x engagement

Rapidly create engaging digital content in a format scientifically proven to increase engagement by 73%.

Find out how Tech giant Cisco scaled Turtl globally for 90% cost savings, 7x engagement, and content produced in days, not weeks. Click the image to read.

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Focus and align messaging

Focus and align messaging

Communicate complexity and depth effectively with perfectly tailored content.

Equip your buyer facing teams with a simple form so they can personalize content with individual, account, and local insight and requirements while core messages and branding remain intact.

Gain buyer and customer insight, integrate data, and connect with your CRM and automation platforms like Marketo to automate intelligent personalization at scale.

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Scale predictable content operations

Scale predictable content operations

Set up your content processes for growth.

Content creators are freed up to focus on creating engaging content and can see connected performance data across buyers and channels.

Content distributors – such as ABM, partner marketing, and demand gen teams – gain increased engagement, performance, and insight while reducing time wasted on manual content updates and requests.

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Designed for
the reading brain

Turtl offers the only digital reading format rooted in psychology, designed to maximize reader attention

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Goodbye design

Turtl’s drag & drop editor gives everyone the freedom to create, no professional design or coding abilities needed

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Data and insights
you can act on

Turtl gives you the customer and performance insight you need to make a bigger impact on your audience and business

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Rapid personalization

Personalize content at scale while maintaining complete control over your brand and messaging

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