Webinar: How to generate more leads from your content

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12th July 2023
Author: Tilly Henley
Posted in: Content Production, Strategy & Planning

At Turtl we’re surrounded by experts in the world of B2B marketing, and we want to share their knowledge and skills with the industry. Resident lead scoring expert Jenny Howe helped us clarify sound lead scoring models and Paul Fellowes – email marketing extraordinaire – helped us give email marketing and nurturing advice and build a wonderful email masterclass guide.

In this webinar, we’re bringing you information about lead generation, from lead-gen wizard Chris Carpenter, Acquisitions Marketing Manager at Turtl. Chris is the backbone that drives new leads to the business, follows leads down the funnel, and creates beautiful content journeys with personalized assets and branded content, which in turn, is used to nurture and score leads. 

What is lead generation?

You might know this bit already, but just in case, lead generation is the process in which a marketing team attracts potential customers with an interest in your product or service. This is often done using lead magnets to capture email addresses.

What you’ll learn from this lead-generation webinar

This webinar will give you the ‘how-tos’ for lead-gen content and help you develop an understanding of where data meets acquisition.

We also reveal research statistics to show you the landscape of marketing in 2023 with Turtl CEO and Founder Nick Mason. Chris will then take you through a step-by-step guide to the best practices for lead generation. Starting with the planning stage to ensure you have everything you need to successfully acquire new leads, optimize your workflow and lead generation processes and make the most out of your lead generation strategy.

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Turtl Takeaway:

The importance of lead generation cannot be overstated. For those who recognize its importance and wish to gain an even deeper understanding of the processes behind lead generation content, Chris has also created this beautiful Turtl doc to give you an even more in-depth guide to lead generation.

See for yourself how better lead generation can improve your sales pipeline.

Cover of the Guide to long-form lead generation