Turtl celebrates 5-year anniversary

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6th June 2019
Author: Nick Mason
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Today Turtl celebrates half a decade as a MarTech pioneer. Over the last 5 years, Turtl has partnered with the likes of Cisco, Allianz GI, and Baker McKenzie. Together we shake up content marketing by challenging some fundamental industry assumptions. The vision for Turtl’s future includes leveraging both AI and psychology to elevate content experiences for everyone.

In the beginning, there were stories …

Turtl’s journey began when CEO & Founder, Nick Mason, was consulting at the University of Oxford Medical Sciences Division. There he came across research into how the human brain receives, processes and stores what we read.

Over time, Nick began to question the way businesses choose to present their ideas and messages online. It didn’t take long to realize that most of the content created today goes against core principles of how we absorb information. Unfortunately, this is to the detriment of the reading experience and content effectiveness.

His response was the conception of Turtl – an online platform that allows anyone to produce beautiful content that better caters to the psychology of the reading brain, providing a far richer experience for readers in the process.

“The mantra behind Turtl is to change the way we build and publish content,” comments Nick. “Understanding the role that psychology plays in effective communications is becoming increasingly important. Especially if you want to maintain a competitive edge. Turtl allows anyone to master that challenge.”

Five years, 60 months, or 1827 days later …

Now half a decade in, the company’s unique software has empowered enterprise brands in over twenty sectors to find significant improvements in their content performance. Global asset management firm T.Rowe Price achieved three times greater content engagement in Turtl vs. PDF. Meanwhile, global publisher The Economist generated a 50% rise in reach and a 30% lift in subscriptions through campaigns delivered with Turtl. Cisco was so impressed by the results they saw that Turtl is now in use by over 20 different Cisco teams around the world, from Beijing to San Jose.

Founded in London, the company has firmly taken hold of the U.K and has plans to dramatically scale up its presence in the U.S. over the coming months. Despite having had no U.S. presence to date, the business already realizes significant revenues from that region.

The software itself is continually evolving to push the boundaries of how content is created, published, and personalized for the individual reader.

“We’re beginning to explore the application of AI to adapt the content in real-time. So it responds to every individual reader’s interests and reading style,” continues Nick. “This is the future of content marketing.”

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