The Storm Drain – As content overflows, holding audience attention is key

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7th March 2018
Author: Nick Mason
Posted in: Strategy & Planning

Ensuring your content captures the attention of the right people and stands out in a media-saturated world is an ever-growing challenge. Therefore, the typical content marketing campaigns which prioritise quantity over quality no longer succeed. Without real metrics to demonstrate active engagement, knowing what is working or what isn’t can inevitably become blurred.

Imagine if you had the opportunity to sit with your audience as they read. The opportunity to hear what they care about, see what they look at the most, and feel what they feel. Well, that opportunity does exist and keeping your audience’s attention is easier than you think.

As a result, we developed our first document in a series aimed at helping transform content marketing for businesses. Prove content is getting a worthy return on investments and community growth in flowing organically with our case study.

Click to read our Turtl File ‘The Storm Drain – A New Era of Content Over-Flowing’

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