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10th June 2019
Author: Nick Mason
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Luckily for us marketers, there are many online content marketing tools out there aiming to make our job a little easier. But all this choice can be a bit overwhelming. How do you know which tools will be the most beneficial?

Well, you’re in luck. I’ve pulled together a list of the 10 tools which I use regularly, all of which help me to make the best use of my time and energy. The following list has been created in no particular order.  

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of my favourite content marketing tools. Quite simply, it’s a life saver when it comes to checking spelling and grammar, but it also picks up on word usage and overused words. It’s not foolproof, and won’t pick up on every possible mistake you could make, but it definitely helps improve the overall quality of any body of text. The Chrome extension is also handy! If you’re not already using Grammarly, I’ll bet my right hand that you’ll soon be a fan. And to top it all off, there’s a free version available.

2. Unsplash

When in search of beautiful images for our content, Unsplash is always my first port of call. You’ll find a whole bunch of images and videos, all of which are free (no strings attached!), which means they can be downloaded and used anywhere! You’ll also find our very own designer’s work on there… 

Rainbow effect captured in water sprinkler

Photo by Alistair MacRobert on Unsplash

3. Canva

Thanks to Canva you no longer have to be a designer to produce beautiful visuals. Sometimes stock images just don’t cut it and this is when I turn to Canva, it’s simple to use and with hundreds of templates and layouts to choose from, it takes me no time at all to create a graphic for social media or a blog post.

Canva homepage

4. Turtl

Of course, we couldn’t create a post about content marketing tools without including our very own content marketing platform! If you’re looking to create content that stands out amongst the crowd, then Turtl is your answer. Our unique psychology-led format helps content creators grab and hold the attention of readers with beautiful layouts and compelling interactive features – no design skills needed. Plus, with custom analytics, you can go beyond click rates and downloads and see precisely who is reading what allowing you to demonstrate and enhance ROI. The perfect tool for creating rich interactive content.

5. Buzzsumo

When I need to know what content is currently trending in our industry, I turn to Buzzsumo. This content marketing research tool has a lot to offer, from finding the material that has the most shares across social to discovering influencers who are relevant for our sector. There’s also the ability to run a competitor analysis, which is super helpful.

6. Google Analytics

You’ve spent all this time creating and distributing awesome content but now what? One of the best tools for tracking content performance has got to be Google Analytics, plus it’s free, which makes it a firm favourite with most marketers. The standard data provided by GA is great, but if you’re technically minded, you can go further and track specific goals and set-up behavioural events.

7. Hootsuite

Once you’ve planned what content you want to distribute, one of the best ways to do so is, of course, through your social media channels. Here at Turtl, we use Hootsuite for all of our social media needs. It’s easy to create posts and schedule them for a later date/time. Plus with the ability to create streams, you can keep track of your competitors and customers activity as well as maintaining a close eye on specific keywords or hashtags.

Hootsuite homepage

8. Answer the Public

Quite possibly the best free consumer insight tool on the market. Answer the Public combines the suggested searches from both Google and Bing. Type any word into the search bar on this site, and in return, you’ll see what can only be described as a search cloud displaying an impressive overview of the questions that are being typed into search engines. Great for keyword research and getting to know your audience.

Side note: One of the funniest things about this site? Upon landing on the homepage, you’ll be greeted by a guy in a jumper with a pretty great beard, who appears to be impatiently waiting for you to start your search. So, what are you waiting for?

9. Trello

For a quick and easy way to collaborate with colleagues, Trello is our tool of choice at Turtl. This project management platform makes it easy to keep track of content marketing tasks through the use of boards, lists and cards. You can easily assign people to different tasks and leave messages for team members. Trello is a must have for any marketing team!

10. Google Docs

For any writing task, be it a blog post, article or social media post, Google Docs is the place where it all begins. It’s simple to use and great for collaboration. Plus the Grammarly extension makes life even easier! There’s nothing not to like about Google Docs.  


These resources are a sure-fire way to help improve your daily content marketing activities. I hope you have fun trying them out and let me know if there are any other tools which you really enjoy using as a content marketer. You can find me on Linkedin here or tweet me @zchinery

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