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15th December 2022
Author: Lia Young
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Think your PDFs are up to par? Think again!

Our CEO, Nick Mason, reviews Redington’s latest Sustainability Investment Survey.

Here’s how using the Turtl format and very clever design choices have almost doubled their average read times and engagement.

Talk about content performance! 💪

In summary:

👀 An eye-catching, interactive image on the front page – research shows this more than doubles the readers’ likelihood of reading the piece.

🚀 Easy to navigate – readers can find content that’s most relevant, or interesting, to them.

🗳 Interactive polls – through answering a poll, readers can see how their opinions stack up against their peers, and move from a passive to an active reader.

📊 Other interactive elements – data visualization can be tricky but with interactive charts, it’s easy for readers to zoom in, access the information, and go into as much detail as is desired.

📚 Next steps – once a reader has finished the document, they are presented with a number of other pieces that may be of interest thereby maintaining engagement with Redington’s content.

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