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1st December 2022
Author: Lia Young
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How do you cut through the noise?

Following COP27, there has been a wealth of resources pushed out to engage businesses and consumers on the state of various environmental topics.

So amongst this background, how do you make sure you’re grabbing readers, and equally important – keeping their attention?

Our CEO, Nick Mason, shares his thoughts on what PwC did well in their State of Climate Tech report and what they could have done better.

The good:

✅ Not a PDF: PwC has delivered this year’s edition in a web-first format.

✅ Line length: is good (circa 72 words) which helps you read comfortably.

✅ Reading ease score is 54, which is high-school level. So language is quite accessible given the subject matter.

The not-so good:

🤷 Animation: There are some animated charts (good) but they’re not interactive (bad) which means readers remain in a passive state.

❌ The page is 3713 words, so pretty long. Research suggests this scrolling webpages like this would see about a 6% read rate on average, or about 2.2 mins of read time.

❌ Navigation: It’s easy for readers to feel lost within the content and scroll fatigue is likely to negatively impact engagement.

❌ Images: used here for decoration rather than to convey meaning or promote memorability, a missed opportunity.

So, what can be done?

The challenge with content of this length, in a web-first format, is chunking. The brain gets overwhelmed by the sheer volume of text available in a single view, hence the low expected read %.

It’s okay though, we have a handy guide that can help you win more of your audiences’ attention and drive better performance for your digital content.

Read our Turtl doc on demystifying the psychology of attention here:

Click to read Demystifying the psychology of attention | Turtl

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