Infosys Edition | Turtl Teardown

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17th March 2023
Author: Lia Young
Posted in: Turtl Teardown

ESG marketers, this one’s for you!

For this Turtl Teardown, Nick (Founder, CEO, and Chief Storytelling Officer here at Turtl) takes a closer look at Infosys’ ESG Vision 2030.

This Doc was read for 2.2 times as long as you’d expect for a piece of this length. But what is it about this ESG content that keeps readers engaged? 🤔

In summary:

🎥 Opening with video: Research shows that this more than doubles the readers’ likelihood of reading the piece.

🤵 ‘Leadership Speak’ section: Fantastic insights from leaders are often overlooked because of how it’s packaged, but the visual here is compelling and memorable.

📈 Interactive charts: As a reader, you have the ability to explore the data and click around as much as you want.

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