The insights Sales need from Marketing to drive business growth

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16th January 2020
Author: Nick Mason
Posted in: Customer Insights, Impact & ROI, Strategy & Planning

According to LinkedIn’s 2019 State of Sales Report, the best Sales professionals are 13% more likely to engage closely with Marketing than in previous years.

Marketing and Sales teams are becoming increasingly collaborative. However, Marketing is still often not seen as key business driver by Sales. In fact, over half (51%) of Sales leaders believe Marketing don’t reliably provide materials to help Sales close deals. These materials include data, outcomes, and insights, all of which can help to drive business growth.

A study by Forrester, commissioned by us at Turtl, made some interesting finds. The study found the insights Marketing consider most valuable did not align to the insights valued by Sales.

The study also found that buyer insights generated from interactive content can help raise Marketing’s profile within the business. 48% of B2B firms say these insights generated from content help Sales close business deals.

Check out the infographic below to see what insights Sales wants to see off the back of marketing activities.

To read the full study by Forrester, click here.

business growth - infographic based on Forrester study

Essentially, Marketing often struggle to deliver buyer insight from content in a way Sales find useful. Therefore, sales leaders do not see it as a key driver in the business. However, interactive content experiences can help overcome this. Content marketing platforms improve content performance and ensure its effectiveness. By offering valuable insights into buyer behavior, these experiences can unlock potential business growth.