What makes a successful content marketer in 2023? Find out in Turtl’s new report.

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20th June 2023
Author: Tilly Henley
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Turtl’s inaugural report about our favorite subject – content marketing – is out. We wanted to know if, right now, content marketers are winning or losing. So we teamed up with Sapio Research to find out what determines success for content marketers and what it is they struggle with most.

We also wanted to know if those who are ‘very successful’ at content are getting bigger budgets and what types of content are driving success.

The data told us

The research is built from a survey of 400 senior marketers and uncovers that over half still struggle to prove ROI, despite a big increase in budget for content marketing across the industry.

So, how much are content marketers really spending?

Read the content marketing research to see what the average content marketing budget looks like, and who is getting more of the pie.

Alarmingly, less than half (42%) of the marketers reported that they had a very successful content strategy, with the majority of the other half believing their strategy to be only mildly successful.

So, why are people finding it hard to be successful? It appears that marketers willing to try new things and create high-quality content, appear to be streaking ahead. So, what exactly are they up to?

Our report outlines exactly what sort of content most people are making, and that these popular formats don’t align with what’s driving success. We also found out that very successful marketers are twice as likely to take a strong, data-led approach to their content strategy.

One of our (super-successful) clients clearly agrees.


“For us, measuring the impact of marketing materials is as important as creating good content.”

JeeYoung Wenglikowski, Senior Marketing Manager at KellyOCG


Read the research if you’d like to learn how to increase the success of your content, and see what other content marketers are up to.

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