Content marketers, you’re designers too

21st November 2018
Author: Dani Mansfield
Posted in: Design

The volume of content marketers are expected to create is continuing to grow, while specialist resource stretches ever thinner. Fortunately, there’s now a variety of software available that affords marketers more ownership over the production and design of premium content. If you’re not already, there’s a good you’ll soon bear some responsibility for the design of your content. As a non-designer that may seem daunting.

While marketers may not need Indesign skills to design their work, they do need a grasp on design thinking and certain principles of design to see the greatest success.

In this story, we explore:

  • The value of design for people and for businesses
  • Some basic design theory for content marketers
  • Five principles of design thinking for problem-solving
  • Specific design tips for non-designers
  • A look at how The Post Office and the London Underground have successfully leveraged design

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