BrightonSEO roundup

22nd September 2017
Author: Etienne Clergue
Posted in: Content marketing news

BrightonSEO is one of the UK’s largest search driven conferences, but due to its growing popularity it is now branching out into other disciplines within the digital world, including content marketing.

We attended the latest conference on 15th September and thought we’d share with you some of the insights we got there.

The future of search

Our first sessions of the day were all about the future of search. Three clear messages came out of these talks:

  • Voice search is rising and increases even further the need for an emotional connection with audiences. Home assistants are here to stay!
  • In a world where everybody uses social media, social listening tools should be an integral part of your marketing arsenal to understand how and where people are talking about your brand
  • Now more than ever, understanding who your audiences are is vital for effective marketing


Content marketing

The next sessions were all about content marketing and were perfect fit with what we do at Turtl. Amy Harrison‘s talk on “The Customer Disconnect: How Inside-Out Copy Makes You Invisible” focused on the fact that brands too often follow narratives that make sense to them but are not aligned with what their audiences are after. This leads to a disconnect between the content being produced and the readers expectations.Chelsea Blacker covered “ROI Measurement in Content Marketing” and the importance of using the right metrics and KPIs to accurately assess the value of your content. Unfortunately, too many businesses still produce a wide variety of content without fully understanding how it adds to their bottom line. This is actually why Turtl offers dedicated analytics tools within its platform.

Content strategy

The afternoon sessions were devoted to content strategy and focused on the importance of planning ahead when creating content. Content mapping also came up as a major content marketing must – ensure you produce the right content, in the right format, for the various stages of your sales funnel. Audiences at an early stage may expect guides and advice while users at a later level may want to see case studies. Another topic that came up is differentiation and how to ensure your content stands out in order to be picked up by news outlets. As it turns out, it is sometimes not as difficult as it looks to create interesting pieces from freely available data, either from clients or the Office of National Statistics.

And if you’re interested, SiteVisibility have put together a page with links to most of the presentations for the day. All in all it was a good day full of insights, and we’ll be sure to visit again as the conference seems to be taking a less search specific direction.