Is it a prince or popstar? Data’s double-sided sword

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6th April 2022
Author: Sabrina Stubbs
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To engage a real human and make content personal to them, even with demographic data, you still need to tailor your content design and distribution to behavioral insights. 

Below is a popular meme that has been floating around and inspiring conversations about the barriers to effective personalization. Simple demographics should not blind marketers as audiences become smarter and focus on their individuality. Behavioral insights have become even more important than figures about gender, age, or location.

the need for behavioral insights for effective personalization example: prince charles vs ozzy osbourne meme

So how can content be more personal?

Look at their actions 👀 

2021’s Demand Gen Report suggests that 65% of B2B buyers only interact with content that’s easily accessible to them and speaks to their needs. Additionally, 55% want a strong story that resonates with them personally. Basic information about age, location, or gender, just won’t cut it. 

Various specialist programs to download, a wide variety of editing tools, and signing up to numerous private websites might discourage some audiences.

Consider how many steps you are asking readers to take. Generally, the internet is viewed as an accessible space for all, despite needing some disability-friendly considerations. Therefore, hosting your content online, whether it is gated or ungated, can be a good first step.  

If we use the above meme as an example, demographic data may direct accessibility choices. However, behavioral insights shine a brighter light on addressing underlying needs.

Spotify proves getting personal with your audience’s lifestyle and habits drives application use and subscription sales.

effective personalization from behavioral insights with spotify's playlists

Gather your resources 💰

How you find and collate that precious behavioral data can vary from business to business.

GoogleAnalytics is an easy place to start finding out what your audience associates you with and how they respond to your web content. The ever-growing platform of social media also has in-built analytics designed to specifically track engagement alongside demographics.

Or something groundbreaking and unique such as Turtl’s software can track the actions and reactions of your userbase with a specific piece of content, whether it’s marketing communications or a sales proposal.

Now you will have the information you need to target your audience’s needs in an accessible way for them.

GA logo symbolising the behavioral insights it provides

Follow the feedback 👨‍💻

What’s the point of leaving yourself a trail of bread crumbs if you don’t then follow it? Make sure you take your own advice and listen to what your data is telling you.

If your audience isn’t connecting with the story you are telling, then you need to tell a different story. Or better yet, if they are connecting with certain elements of your story but then dropping off at key parts, you can pinpoint exactly what needs changing.

Feedback can come directly from your content and audience, or from external research. A great example is the latest release from Demand Gen Report which highlights the importance of personalization. Just remember to look outside your own business bubble to find direction.

Implementing these tips

It can be difficult to change familiar patterns in how a business or team does things. In fact, employees often resist changes in work patterns or learning new technologies for reasons like lack of transitional support or an aversion to the extra effort required.

Often, released content is uneditable. As a result, it is impossible to make changes based on new insights or feedback. This happens when you create static PDFs or share an offline document.

Avoid that roadblock by utilizing the power of the internet to host your content. This way, it is accessible by everyone and updated when required. In some cases, such with Turtl docs, the content can be personalized with reader details, including their name or reading preferences.

user editing a Turtl doc to behavioral insights

So whether you’re a prince or popstar, marketer or accountant, business or client – you deserve something personal and relevant to you. The time of mistargeted advertisements, brochures, and even proposals, is gone. Long live data-driven content! 


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