Turtl Throwback Topic: 5 more incredible B2B marketing campaign ideas

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11th July 2022
Author: Sabrina Stubbs
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Back in 2019, we took a look at five of the best B2B marketing campaign ideas of all time. We explored what made them so unique, successful, and memorable. But, a lot has changed since then. Fortunately, the world’s B2B marketers are only getting more creative!

Here are five more great campaigns we can all learn from:

Wrapped for Advertisers – Spotify

What did they do?

When it was first launched in 2016, Spotify Wrapped was an instant social sensation, giving users a fun, revealing, and sharable look back at what they’d listened to that year. Since then, the release of Wrapped has become a highly anticipated annual event – attracting praise and admiration from users and organizations the world over, including us

Spotify capitalized on that success by creating Wrapped for Advertisers in 2021. Designed to help organizations that advertise on the platform, Spotify could now help businesses learn more about audience listening habits that year.

B2B marketing campaign ideas from spotify

Why was it so successful?

The Wrapped for Advertisers campaign is an effective example of B2B content mirroring a winning B2C formula. People already loved the format of Wrapped, so it made sense to translate it into a B2B campaign and make the most of the buzz surrounding the annual Wrapped release.

Advertisers got a clear, succinct, and segmented look at how listening habits had changed throughout the year. It translated huge volumes of data into actionable audience insight that the reader could digest in seconds. By following the same formula and creating a visually striking, surprising, and sharable experience for advertisers, Spotify converted its biggest B2C win into a pretty big B2B one, too.

Boss It – Sage

What did they do?

Sage’s award-winning ‘Boss It’ campaign is built around the one thing small business owners want above all others: control. They’ve built their business from the ground up, and they want to stay in complete command as it grows.

The campaign acknowledges that. Then, it positions Sage as a tool to help small businesses achieve that, rather than as a partner that takes responsibilities and control away from them. The business owners are the heroes. They know their business best. So why should they hand off financial responsibilities to somebody else? 

B2B marketing campaign ideas from local small businesses

Why was it so successful?

The campaign is so effective because its core message is one of empowerment and enablement. In Sage’s market, many of its competitors and adjacent financial services providers have historically led with messages that essentially say, “You’re an expert in your field, leave the finance to us while you focus on what you do best.” 

The ‘Boss It’ campaign challenges that in a way that precisely resonates with its audience. To grow a business, it takes drive and a true belief that you can do it. People with that mindset don’t want to relinquish control – they want the tools to do it themselves. So, that’s what Sage offered, in a memorable and empowering way.

Take on tomorrow – PwC

What did they do?

At a time when global disruption was extremely high and the future looked almost entirely uncertain, PwC created the ‘Take on tomorrow’ content hub. The hub put timely content relating to the various world-changing threats that were happening simultaneously in 2020 and 2021 in one place. They created a one-stop shop for organizations looking to tackle the challenges of tomorrow head-on.

B2B marketing icons

Why was it so successful?

There’s a lot to be said about the way the content on PwC’s hub is designed and presented. It’s so clear and matter-of-fact that the issues explored in the content immediately start to feel conquerable. The reader can spot the challenges relevant to them and instantly find positive, expert insight to help overcome the problems.

It takes a lot of effort to pull together content on multiple threats. Each has the potential to massively impact our daily lives and create a positive experience that leaves readers feeling empowered. But, by clearly signposting its content and making it incredibly easy to navigate, that’s exactly what PwC has achieved.

Werrrk! – Mailchimp 

What did they do?

With its own video production studio, Mailchimp dedicates more resources to original content creation than most B2B brands.  When you watch Werrrk!, it shows. 

The series centers around a group of experts, called The Werrrk Force. They go into small businesses – the customer segment Mailchimp wanted to appeal to. Then, the experts help the businesses solve some of the biggest challenges they were facing, in a format very similar to Netflix’s Queer Eye.

typing on a laptop

Why was it so successful?

The Werrrk! series took established best practices for customer success stories and pushed them far further than most organizations go. This included; making the customer the hero, making the challenge relatable, and showcasing the impact and outcomes. 

The series didn’t just replicate a winning reality TV formula. It captured the essence of what makes reality TV so compelling and distilled it into a B2B marketing format. Deep character development, a strong focus on the human element of the story, and powerful emotional narratives all helped make this feel like an authentic and enjoyable series in its own right.

Plus, the show has all of the visual hallmarks of the best reality TV formats. When you start watching, there’s an instant familiarity that sucks you in and keeps you engaged.

The How Channel – Publicis Sapient

The HOW channel video thumbnail

What did they do?

When the COVID-19 pandemic began and the world went into lockdown, there was a huge gap in most organizations’ marketing calendars. The hole was previously filled by conferences and other in-person events. With timely, expert insights more important and valuable than ever, Publicis Sapient set out to capture the essence of those events through a new content platform called The How Channel. 

B2B marketing campaign ideas from the HOW channel

Why was it so successful?

The platform broke content down by topics – much like a large conference does – providing an ongoing source of insight that its audience could dip in and out of as they liked. Crucially, that format didn’t just make content easy and convenient to consume, it kept the audience coming back for more. 

The How Channel shows us that the lines between content or even campaign types are a lot thinner than they may appear. If you have a message to get across, and the typical channel for doing so isn’t an option, why not experiment with translating that message into a fresh arena? With the right care and creativity, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t have the right impact, and get people talking.

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