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Nick Mason

Technology Director & Founder

I've designed and crafted apps, websites and products for almost a decade with clients including LexisNexis, The University of Oxford and The Royal College of GPs. I love a tricky challenge and enjoy pushing the limits of what's possible on the web in pursuit of a top-notch user experience.

Ben McGill

Business Development Director

I have an enormous passion for growing small businesses and I am focused on customers and their requirements. My career began in the UK with the launch of Deutsche Bank owned PayBox. I then held senior commercial roles within the online and mobile division of PayPoint Plc.

Rod Petrovic

Head of Software

I like to write less code that does more and to develop products that seem almost trivial but have a huge impact. I also like to work with people I can enjoy Mondays with. From that perspective, joining Nick, Ben and the other Turtls was an easy choice.

Hayley Critchley

Account Director

I began my career at PayPoint, in roles with customer service at the heart. My sole aim is to help our customers get the best out of Turtl and make a positive impact within their business with my support.

Andrei Serdeliuc

Head of operations

I’m an all-round problem solver, I can communicate well with people and computer systems, but I prefer people!

Etienne Clergue

Digital Marketing Manager

After over 15 years working in digital marketing for a range of company across all industries, I joined the Turtl team.  My aim is to ensure that Turtl, thanks to its unique features, earns a prime position in the busy martech and content marketing landscape.

Nicola Veasey

Account manager

I work with Hayley to support our customers and help push the limits of what they can achieve with Turtl.

Robert Sedovsek

Senior developer

I love the process where art and technology intertwine – like a craftsman combining hundreds of pieces to design a watch. And that is what I believe we do – we transform bits of code into something that is both beautiful and pleasant to use.

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Eli Strzelecka

Account manager

I work in Customer Success. My goal is to ensure that each client obtains the best value out of our services.
Creativity is a key element in a company’s identity, and Turtl goes above and beyond to help clients express themselves while always remaining on brand.

Vuk Milicic

Senior developer

I love challenges that require using both sides of my brain. I enjoy making tools that help people express themselves in creative and unexpected ways.

Kalle Aaltonen

Senior Developer

I love working with big data, as well as bespoke crafted small data. My interest is transforming data into actionable information.

Cathy Sallows

Content editor

I have a background in visual and written communication and a career spent in advertising and media. At Turtl I help create and edit Turtl stories as well as advising our customers how to get the best out of our tools.