Customer Experience Executive

Competitive salary + stock options, based in Spitalfields, London

Turtl is a software startup based in Spitalfields, London, with a unique product that helps marketers and other communication professionals create beautiful content with ease and track in detail how people engage with it. Turtl is growing fast, and we’re proud to include Cisco, The Economist and Bloomberg in our roster of clients.

We are looking for a talented and enthusiastic Customer Experience Executive to join our team.

What you will be doing …

Working in an early stage business takes a special kind of person – one with a rounded skill set capable of operating without the huge support network provided in a big company. You like to meet people face to face and being out of the office the majority of the time getting to know users suits you. You’re also a team player and working collaboratively with the team to achieve its goals matters more to you than individual success.

To fit in at Turtl it will be in your nature for things to be done “the right way” and to go the extra mile. You will be passionate about providing high levels of customer service and training and have a desire to constantly improve.

Key responsibilities …

The primary responsibilities of the Customer Experience Executive are to; Understand users of the Turtl platform in great detail and drive user engagement.

Understanding Users:

  • To personally identify and understand the users of all new and selected customers, including their job role, personal objectives and content goals
  • To monitor:
    • users of new customers and understand the users of all new and selected customers, including their job role, personal objectives and content goals
    • users of existing customers where user adoption is low with aim of increasing this to target levels
  • To identify pain points which prevent users from engaging with/using Turtl
  • To suggest proactive action for users who start to use the platform less frequently
  • To review content created by users each week and engage with them where you feel
    that content could be improved by commencing focused content consultation
  • Ensure high levels of Customer satisfaction and retention

Content Consultation:

The Customer Experience Executive will run focused 3-month content consultations with new and existing users of Turtl. Consultation should focus on understanding the goals and success measurements of content and you will be expected to support users to achieve them. Consultation should focus on three areas:

  • Content Creation: Help users to achieve amazing looking content, consider the structure and how this is best represented in a Turtl format and maximise feature usage to increase reader engagement or other success criteria such as lead generation
  • Publish Content: Help the user to distribute content effectively to maximise readership and produce effective analytics
  • Analyse Content: Review the performance of the content and help the user to understand how to utilise this data to improve successes
  • You will need to help to create content for both existing and prospective customers when required. You will follow best practice guidelines in creating briefs and understanding the purpose of each piece of content to help deliver content to a very high standard
  • Uphold the values and cultural ethos of Turtl in all dealings internally and externally

The skills and qualities you will need for this include …


  • At least a year experience in marketing, writing or design
  • Experience of providing training or consultation


  • A clear and compelling communicator
  • Strong listener
  • Ability to analyse user feedback to identify improvements and prioritise these correctly
  • Attention to detail
  • Able to interact with people at all levels, demonstrating tact, diplomacy and discretion
  • Collaborator
  • Self-motivated
  • Excellent organisational skills


  • Understanding of digital and content marketing

More about Turtl

The digital world is a noisy place where we all produce and consume content, all the time. It has never been easier for a business to send a message, but never harder to make it memorable.

Most content marketing tools provide a bigger megaphone. They help businesses fight noise with more noise. At Turtl, we have a different belief. We prefer thoughtful communication, rather than loud. Few lasting messages, rather than many transient ones.

We build authoring tools that let our customers create beautiful, premium content. Publishing tools that prevent mistakes that would hurt their reach. And crucially, we help our customers understand the experience of each reader so they can create more relevant and meaningful content over time.

Turtl’s mission is to be a different kind of medium. One that invites readers to slow down and immerse themselves. One that allows them to disconnect from the endless stream of information and enjoy the experience of reading online.

We would be ideal for you if you …

  • Want to work in an ambitious early stage business with big-name clients
  • Like to be judged on output, not time spent at your desk
  • Want to be part of a close-knit team with no room for BS or politics
  • Are fanatical about owning and building enterprise accounts
  • Love getting under the skin of your Customers, understanding their challenges and exploiting opportunities to build revenue

If this sounds interesting, please contact .